Ryan Media Consultants

Ryan Media Consultants (RMC) was created to help clients take the stress out of dealing with the media. Too often, people lack the time or the expertise to navigate through the labyrinth of today's media and social world. We have 35 years experience and know how the media works and how it can work for you.



We can help you:

  • Develop a compelling message.
  • Tailor your message to the proper audience.
  • Make sure it gets to the right people.
  • Formulate a comprehensive communication plan.
  • Design a strategic marketing plan.

Mike Ryan
Ryan Media Consultants

Michael Ryan,
President of RMC

RMC specializes in developing customized creative and innovative solutions to address your media and marketing needs.

Your company's success is often predicated on the messages you are sending the public.

Why leave that to chance? Hire the experts who can help you succeed. Put Ryan Media Consultants (RMC) to work for you.

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